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2013 Run & Sports Clinic

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In Motion Physical Therapy and Fitness centers presents the First Annual :

Run-Sport Clinic.

Where: In Motion Physical Therapy, Downingtown, PA. Map

When: Saturday March 2, 2013 9-11AM

Who: Open to anyone looking to improve performance and prevent injury, beginners to

Video: See video exercise offer below.

No appointment necessary

The popularity of running has significantly increased over the past few decades. While there are many health benefits to running and being active, injuries do occur. These injuries occur in runners of all ages and participation levels. There is a lot of information available, however only with expert assessment, is it able to find the correct information for you. Out of this desire to prevent and treat injuries has evolved the run-sport clinic.

The 2013 Run-sport clinic by In Motion Physical Therapy is designed to give both the novice and professional valuable information about lower extremity biomechanical issues that can maximize performance and help prevent injury.

In Motion Physical Therapy Run-Sport Clinic will include:

  • Treadmill Gait Analysis performed by Physical Therapist and local running experts
    • Gait Analysis evaluates the alignment of the trunk, hips, knees, ankles and feet during running
  • Step Down Test
    • Screens trunk, hip, knee and ankle alignment during stepping down off 8 inch step
  • Hamstring Flexibility Screen
    • Hamstring Flexibility has been found to be important in injury prevention
  • Functional Movement Screen
    • Test designed by Physical Therapist to assess trunk and lower extremity strength,balance and control vital for proper biomechanics

These quick and basic screens will highlight areas of needed improvement in order to maximal performance and minimize injury. Also at the Run-Sport Clinic will be:

  • Exercise Demonstration to address common injuries and biomechanical deficiencies
  • Sports Taping Techniques including Kinesio Taping
  • Footwear Trends by Chester County Running Store
  • Nutritional Counseling by Advent Nutrition
  • Training progressions/protocols for runners of all levels
  • Physical Therapists available to answer all of your questions