2017 Run & Sports Clinic, Sat Mar 4th

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In Motion Physical Therapy and Fitness Center presents the 5th Annual:

Run & Sports Injury Prevention Clinic, March 4, 2017

Updated for 2017

PDF brochure available – also the two images above are clickable for a better view.

If you’ve never visited In Motion, our free running clinics are a great way to experience our expertise, personal care, and dedication to your health. Come visit us this March and optimize both your body and your gear for running. We’ll analyze each part of your stride and make recommendations based on our team’s advanced training, certifications, and experience. From first-time runner to the marathoner, we’re the source for your very best run.

Free and No appointment is necessary facebook

Location: In Motion Physical Therapy, Downingtown, PA. Map

The In Motion Physical Therapy Run & Sport Clinic will include:

  • new32Cross-Training for Runners Station: This station will include the latest trends and research on how to cross-train to help prevent injury and maximize performance.
  • Treadmill Gait Analysis performed by Physical Therapist. This analysis of running technique will to help identify lower extremity bio-mechanical alignment issues present during running that lead to injuries.
  • Foot and Ankle Alignment Screen: Assesses foot and ankle alignment contributing to pronation (flat feet) and supination (high arch)
  • The Function Movement Screen was designed by physical therapists to assess core and lower extremity strength, balance, and flexibility. The FMS consists of 7 fundamental movement component tests that are scored on a scale of 0-3. The tests used will be:
    • Hurdle Step
    • Rotary Stability
  • The Flexibility Screen will assess the flexibility of the hamstrings and the hip flexor muscles. Imbalances in these muscles can alter running gait, and put strain on the low back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.
  • Exercise Demo: This station will include demonstration of exercises that are designed to target the needed areas of improvement highlighted by the gait analysis, functional movement screen, flexibility screen, hop test and step down test.
  • Step Down Test: This test is a excellent screening for hip strength, balance, stability and control of the lower extremity and closely mimics the mechanics of the landing phase of gait.
  • These quick and basic screens will highlight areas of needed improvement in order to minimize injury and maximize performance. Also featuring:
    • Footwear Trends by Chester County Running Store
    • Training progressions/protocols for runners of all levels
    • Injury prevention strategies and tips
    • Physical Therapists available to answer all of your questions
    • Nutritional information from registered dietician
    • Free Giveaways