2015 Run & Sports Clinic

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In Motion Physical Therapy and Fitness Center presents the 3rd Annual:

Run & Sports Injury Prevention Clinic

Updated for 2015: Technology and Training

Where: In Motion Physical Therapy, Downingtown, PA. Map

When: Saturday March 14, 2015, 9am – Noon

Who: Open to anyone looking to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Free and No appointment is necessary

The popularity of running and participation in sports across all ages has increased over the past few decades. While there are many health benefits to running and sports, injuries do occur. These injuries occur in active individuals of all ages and participation levels. There is a lot of information available, however only with expert assessment, is it possible to find the correct information for you. Out of this desire to prevent and treat injuries has evolved the Run & Sports Injury Prevention Clinic. The 2015 Run & Sports Injury Prevention Clinic is designed to give both the novice and professional runner and athlete valuable information about lower extremity biomechanical issues that can minimize injury while maximizing performance.

New this year: technology and training

This year, the Run Clinic will cover some of the technology available for fitness training, such as the Garmin and Fitbit devices.

The In Motion Physical Therapy Run & Sport Clinic will include:

  • Treadmill Gait Analysis performed by Physical Therapist. This analysis of running technique will to help identify lower extremity bio-mechanical alignment issues present during running that lead to injuries.
  • Foot and Ankle Alignment Screen: Assesses foot and ankle alignment contributing to pronation (flat feet) and supination (high arch)
  • The Function Movement Screen was designed by physical therapists to assess core and lower extremity strength, balance, and flexibility. The FMS consists of 7 fundamental movement component tests that are scored on a scale of 0-3. The tests used will be:
    • Deep Squat
    • Hurdle Step
    • Rotary Stability
  • The Flexibility Screen will assess the flexibility of the hamstrings and the hip flexor muscles. Imbalances in these muscles can alter running gait, and put strain on the low back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.
  • Sports Taping: This station will including demonstrations of sports/Kinesio taping. The Kinesio Taping Method can be applied to multiple orthopedic and neurological conditions.
  • Y-Test: This screen assesses balance, agility, and strength all at the same time. The Y-Test is dynamic and relevant for both runners and athletes of all levels.
  • Exercise Demo: This station will include demonstration of exercises that are designed to target the needed areas of improvement highlighted by the gait analysis, functional movement screen, flexibility screen, and Y-test.
  • These quick and basic screens will highlight areas of needed improvement in order to minimize injury and maximize performance. Also featuring:
    • Footwear Trends by Chester County Running Store
    • Training progressions/protocols for runners of all levels
    • Injury prevention strategies and tips
    • Physical Therapists available to answer all of your questions
    • Free Giveaways
Our planned Assessment and Education Stations with photos from previous events.